No More Corruption in Vietnam?

“Noi khong voi tham nhung!” (No to Corruption). That’s the bold message on the posters, which are now being distributed all over Vietnam from the Danish Embassy in Hanoi as of Monday (March 14).

     The poster sums up the new set of anti-corruption rules, which apply for all employees at Danish Embassies and for the aid programmes and projects in Vietnam which are financed by Danida.

     “Our policy on corruption is clear. Whether it is large or small amounts, we will not accept financial abuse. There is no lower acceptance limit when it comes to corruption,” says Denmark’s Ambassador in Vietnam, Peter Lysholt Hansen.

     The fight against corruption will be discussed at the highest political level, as negotiations between Denmark and Vietnam are taking place this week in Hanoi.
     “We want to make it clear to the Vietnamese that we are aware of the problem. We expect that the Vietnamese authorities will take the necessary steps to effectively intervene against all cases of corruption,” says the Danish Foreign Ministry’s bilateral chief, Ib Petersen, who has flown in to Vietnam to lead the Danish delegation in the high level negotiations.

     At a well-attended press conference in Hanoi, Ib Petersen informed about the initiatives, which Danida has already set in action. Ambassador Peter Lysholt Hansen then urged the present journalists to play an active part in the fight against corruption.
     “The press has a very important role to play, and I really hope that you will continue to put your focus on corruption whenever you come across it,” said Peter Lysholt Hansen.

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