Danish Search for Tsunami Victims is Ceased

In early March, a group of Danish policemen with specially trained dogs were sent to Thailand, where investigators and forensic medical officers have been working overtime to try and find the missing Danes among the great number of victims.

     Now, the Danish Police Force has decided to end the search, and the search team in Thailand has been called back to Denmark.
     “We have searched every corner and have conducted a very thorough investigation, and there are no other options left,” says Danish Police’s leader of the so-called ‘travel team’ to Radioavisen (the National Danish Radio News Broadcast).
     However, he added that the situation can change and that another leg of the search could be initiated at a later stage. 10 Danes are still reported missing, while 36 have been identified as dead.

     The earthquake and the following Tsunami which occured on December 26 2004 has killed up to 300,000 people – most of them in Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

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