Tourists from the north of Sweden can fly charter directly to Thailand in 2006

The demand among Swedes for trips to Thailand is back with full force. Proof for that is when the Swedish charter tour company Fritidsresor recently launched trips for the next winter season from the town Luleå, in the north of Sweden, to Phuket.
     The demand was so strong that the tour operator adds three more flights on 10, 24 and 31 of March 2006. In total five departures (1575 seats) are on offer for that month from the sparsely-populated northern region of Sweden, reports the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority, LFV.
     “We could not possibly dream of this incredibly strong demand for trips from the north of Sweden to Thailand. It didn’t even take two hours before the premiere tour was sold out,” says Fritidsresor’s manager Christian Clemens.
     Luleå is the only town in the north of the country that can receive the jumbo jet needed for to fly all the way to Thailand. Fritidsresor’s own Brittania Nordic is flying the passengers with a Boeing 767.

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