The Food & Drinks Presenter

Looking at Duni’s buyer guide, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of products, which makes it hard to describe what Duni’s core business is. Mr. Roland Grohmann Regional Director at Duni Co., Ltd. (Asia& Pacific) clarifies by saying, “We are the solution provider for food & beverage presentations. What we create are disposable and rotable products for the table decoration and meal presentation.”
     Duni’s products are not similar to any other food service providers, there are a lot of differences.
     “ No other company could provide products with unique materials like Duni.” Says Mr. Grohmann “ We can offer one-stop shop concepts with various and marvelous designs and materials. Because of their high-perceived value, the customers will feel satisfied with Duni’s products especially when comparing with other standard products available in the market.”
     “Asian people are changing their lifestyles.” Mr. Grohmann continued “ They are eating out more and even at home they have more occasional parties also. Some nice table presentation colors enhance the meal presentation and create atmosphere. Disposables can be elegant and trendy too and most importantly do not need to be washed and stored.”
     Duni’s Asia & Pacific main market is the airline business. Duni supplies more than 300 airlines worldwide; in Asia & Pacific they supply every major airlines such as Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines. Duni has also spread their wings to hotel and restaurants or even retail markets, in which Duni in Europe and the Americas are well known for a long time already.
     “In the Asia & Pacific market, there’s a lot to catch up while this area is growing faster than other region”, says Mr. Grohmann.
     In September Duni has planned to be part of the International Food and Hospitality Show in Bangkok in conjunction with the Asia & Pacific In-flight show to increase brand awareness.
     Based on Duni’s the 40% sales growth in Asia & Pacific market last year Mr. Grohmann sees a bright future for the company. Duni recently invested into a new injection molding facility worth 40 Million Baht in the Prachinburi factory. It is estimated to produce more than 5,000 tons per year mostly to serve the Asia & Pacific markets.

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