Singaporean university sets up college in Stockholm

The National University of Singapore, NUS, will together with the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm open a college in the Swedish capital.
     The inauguration of NUS College, as it is called, will take place this fall. This is the fourth college NUS opens abroad in environments where new companies are born in close cooperation with surrounding universities.
     The current locations are Silicon Valley and Bio Valley, both in the US, and one in Shanghai, China.
     The Swedish college will provide Singaporean students with an opportunity to work in newly started technology companies and at the same time function as a gateway for Swedish companies to Singapore.
     Cooperation between KTH and NUS has been ongoing for some years and the new college proves that ties have grown deeper.
     The formal agreement to set up the Swedish college was signed by the heads of KTH and NUS at a ceremony in Stockholm 17 May.

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