Denmark funds wind power plant in the Philippines

Denmark will fund the establishment of a commercial wind power plant in the Philippines, with the ambition of becoming Asia’s largest user of wind to generate electricity.
According to the Ministry of Energy of the Philippines, Danida – the Danish development cooperation agency – will give 25 mill. US$ to the construction of a 25-megawatt plant in northern Ilocos Norte province will begin in 2003 and will be completed in 2004.
When completed, it will be the first commercial wind plant in the country. The plant will be built and operated by Danish firm Northwind Power Development, which promises to sell the electricity to a local distributor at rates below that traditional power plants.
One more 40 megawatt wind mill park will be built in the north of the country to be completed in 2004 as well. According to the Ministry of Energy, the two plants will make the Philippines the biggest user of wind power in Asia.

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