DLH offers employees to leave Indonesia

DLH – the largest Danish wholesale company within tropical wood offered its employees in Indonesia to leave the country if they felt insecure after the Bali bombings.

“We source wood from so many countries that we may shift from one country to another if supply from one country becomes unavailable. For us, Indonesia is one country and we evaluate it as such,” Managing Director Jørgen Møller-Rasmussen told the Danish news agency Ritzau.

Jørgen Møller-Rasmussen called the terror act on Bali despicable but added that it is not the first time the companyy has witnessed disturbances in Indonesia. The worst effect was for the tourism industry on Bali.

“Our evaluation is, that the terroract will not otherwise effect the commercial life of the country if nothing more happens. We still receive the supplies we need from Indonesia,” he says.

DLH employs eight people at its headquarter in Jakarta plus twenty one supervisors at saw mills at various places throughout the country. The company asked each person to individually consider if they wished to leave the country.

“On Ivorycoast the situation is worse. They have civil war and we have twenty people working there. As in Indonesia, we have heightened our level of alert, but we are still operating,” Jørgen Møller-Rasmussen said.

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