Scandinavian victims of Bali terror bomb

The tragedy of the bomb at Kuta Beach had several Scandinavian victims, both dead and wounded. A website has been established where all the names are listed as they become known.

All Sunday and Monday, embassy staff from all the Scandinavian embassies worked tirelessly together with staff from the tour companies in contacting all known Scandinavian tourist. Posters were put up in hotel lobbies and hospitals with information about an evacuation flight being organized.
In the early morning hours of Tuesday 15 October, 2002, a flight with 122 Danes, two Norwegian and one Swede took off from Denpasar for Bangkok International Airport. Here, they arrived at five o’clock in the morning and were received by head of the consulate section of the Royal Danish Embassy Ulrik Holt Sørensen, first secretary Jacob Nielsen, and staff from Alletiders Rejser lead by Bo Hansen and Kenneth Jørgensen.
The plane had been chartered by the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Europaeiske Rejseforsikring and Alletiders Rejser. It took off from Bangkok at 19:25 Monday evening with among others Stig Vagt-Andersen of Ben Adisti, a Thai doctor and a nurse on board and returned at 05:05 Tuesday morning with the visibly distressed tourists.
Among the passengers were friends of the three still un-accounted for Danish girls who are feared to have died in the bombing attack. Two Norwegian girls who had been close to the bomb site were received by the Norwegian consul Marit Bjerke and Norwegian minister Gro Haaversen Barth and wheeled out of the airport. Most were, however, well under the circumstances.
Monday afternoon, an emergency team of two doctors and two nurses from EuroCenter / Europæiske Rejseforsikring arrived from Copenhagen headed by psychiatric specialist Dr. Thomas Brink who waited for the passengers at the hotels for their arrival.
The evacuated tourists will now have two days of recovery in Bangkok at Hotel Rembrandt and Windsor Suites before deciding what to do with the remaining days of their vacation.

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