EAC boosts business in the Philippines

EAC Industrial Ingredients has been appointed agent in the Philippines for distribution of refrigerant gases for Honeywell, the U.S. group. Honeywell is active in many commercial sectors and is the world’s leading manufacturer of refrigerant gases, under the “Genetron” brand name. Refrigerants are used, for example, in air-conditioning systems and refrigerators. The agency represents a big boost to EAC Industrial Ingredients business in the Philippines and will further consolidate the company’s activities established some three years ago.
“Under the contract we shall be importing the product into the
Philippines in large bulk containers. From these we refill the product onto smaller cylinders, which we will stock and distribute to a broad customer base,.” Jan Dam Pedersen, CEO for EAC Industrial Ingredients explains.
Jan Dam Pedersen operates EAC Industrial Ingredients from the divisions’ head office in Bangkok, Thailand.
The Honeywell deal will increase EAC sales by about USD 1m, which is a major boost for operations in the Philippines, which reported sales of approx. USD 2.8m in 2001. Jan Dam Pedersen has every reason to be pleased:
“The agency is really a prime example of our business strategy in action. It is our ambition to be the leader in each of the business segments we focus on. That’s why we have a staff of hand-picked people with solid technical expertise and strong communication skills who are able to introduce our concepts and services to our customers as well as add value to our suppliers. This enables us to sign exclusive contracts with our suppliers, who are usually among the Top Three in their particular industries.”
From a position of strength Jan Dam Pedersen has steered his company into a solid first place in both Thailand and Vietnam, and the company is currently expanding into a number of other South East Asian markets.
“We currently collaborate with more than 100 different suppliers from all over the world, who enjoy the benefit of our market knowledge and in particular our technical expertise in areas in which they have no direct operations.”
“We focus on a selected range of business segments – from the sale of ingredients for personal-care products such as shampoos and creams, for example, for Unilever and Procter & Gamble to the distribution of ingredients for the food and beverage industries for Novozymes, Chr. Hansen and Danisco to mention a few.”
EAC Industrial Ingredients reported total sales in 2001 of DKK 608m and employs a workforce of approx. 450 people in 7 countries in Southeast Asia.


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