Visitors to Thai Pavilion in Ragunda remain high

The total number of visitors to the Thai pavilion in Ragunda during the summer of 2002 was around 65.000, compared to 60.000 the year before and
70.000 the summer of 2000, reports Ragunda municipality in a recently completed survey.
This shows that the unique memorial of HM King Chulalongkorn’s visit to Ragunda 1897 has managed to keep visitor numbers at a high and steady level
even after the initial high publicity following the inauguration years in the late 1990’s.
Most guests, 79 percent of all to be exact, are still first time visitors. That is just a few percentage points below last year’s 84 percent.
Visitors give the facility and its attractions a 4.7-point ranking out of 5 possible.
In terms of money, the average Ragunda visitor spends SEK 234 during their average 1.5-day stay in the municipality. Total turnover, calculated on the 65.000 pavilion visitors, is SEK 15.2 Million.

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