Thai adoption fraud case closed

investigation regarding a suspected case of abduction in connection with one adoption from Thailand to Sweden in 1976 has been closed.
“We must be able to prove that the child in this case was abducted. What we have is not enough for a prosecution case,” says Ms. Solveig Wollstad, prosecutor in Linkoping to the news agency TT.
The baby is the today 26-year old Ms. Sawitri Borjesson, adopted from Thailand to Sweden in 1976. She went to the prosecutor last spring to find out whether she was abducted from Thailand or not.
Before that, it had already been established through personal meetings and DNA-tests in Thailand, that both the father and mother stated as her Thai parents in the adoption documents were not the biological parents to Sawitri and also totally unrelated to each other.
“I may take this case to the European Court,” says Sawitri Borjesson.
“I want justice.”
Her case is only one of many involving Thai children adopted to Sweden, having fake identities and fake Thai parents in the adoption documents, during the 1970’s. Some of the adopted babies have doubles in Thailand, rightfully carrying the Thai name which somebody put in their adoption papers before they were adopted as babies to Sweden!
Sawitri Borjesson is the first Thailand adopted from the 1970’s to have brought her case to a Swedish court.
A nursery proprietor involved in the Swedish adoption scams was prosecuted in Thailand 1977, following a police raid to his nursery were 32 babies were found, three of them stolen and many others with no identification papers at all.
Thailand tightened its adoption legislation considerably 1979.
None of the Swedish adoption organisation representatives or government officials in Sweden, that knowingly or unknowingly facilitated the fraudulent adoptions from Thailand during the 1970’s, has been brought to a Swedish court.

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