Swedish paper bag concept 30 years in Thailand

When Khun Vivat Antaprasit, CEO of Asia Paper Bag Co Ltd. visited a paper bag factory in Sweden in the early 1970’s he got the idea to establish a similar product in Thailand. Today Khun Vivat looks back at 30 successful years of paper bag manufacturing in Thailand. His factory was back then the first of its kind in Thailand and consequently Asia Paperbag the oldest paper bag manufacturer in the Kingdom, writes Krungthep Turakit.

In Sweden, “they have used manufactured paper bags for 100 years,” Khun Vivat thought. “Why not try it in Thailand.”

He managed to get five million baht to invest in equipment (from Japan – probably Swedish machines were quite expensive in a comparison…) and rent a place to set up the factory in Thailand.

Todat, Asia Paper Bag Co Ltd has a turnover of 7 – 8 Million baht per month and the Thai bags, once born out of tour to Sweden, are exported to some 30 countries.


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