Swedish IFS to implement software solution in Jakarta

Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) has dicided to implement a complete human resources solution from the Swedish software supplier IFS. The IFS purchase is part of the terminal’s commitment to develop and improve labour relations.

JICT, who signed the contract with IFS in September, is the largest container terminal in Indonesia with an annual handling capacity of 1.85 million TEUs. JICT is strategically located at the industrial heartland of West Java and handles 50% of the container traffic in Indonesia.
JICT will be implementing both the strategic and operative human resources modules. The strategic functions include competency management, performance management, career planning and succession analysis, recruitment and training administration, while the operative functions comprise personnel administration, payroll, time and attendance, leave administration, medical benefit administration, travel expense administration and pension fund administration. IFS Applications for Human Resources* has been customised according to the Indonesian labour law enforced by the Indonesian government.
“Implementing IFS’ human resources solution will be JICT’s first step towards establishing processes with an integrated business system. We are pleased that IFS has been selected as a strategic partner to assist JICT in achieving its long-term of goal of improving employee relations and satisfaction,” said Mr. Handi Sapta Mukti, sales and marketing director, IFS Indonesia.
President Director of Jakarta International Container Terminal, Mr. W.S. Wirjawan, commented:

“JICT realised the need to utilise technology to improve the human resource department’s ability to provide higher levels of service to the employees. From a strategic standpoint, we hope that the IFS solution will enable us to conduct our human resources activities more efficiently and effectively. From an administrative perspective, IFS Applications will enable the HR department to provide more satisfactory services to the employees and customers.”

Christer Nilsson

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