Blind Vietnamese Kids’s Trip to Sweden

Comvik International Vietnam AB (CIVAB), the Swedish Telecom operator in Vietnam, and Swedish artists co-supports a10-day trip to Sweden titled “Arts Exchange-Path to Friendship and Understanding” for young blind Vietnamese artists, reports regional press in Vietnam.
         The trip which is did not mention the exact date was originated by Sweden ceramics artist, Elisabeth Persson.
         Blind students from Nguyen Dinh Chieu special school in Hanoi made their friendship and understanding with students from St. Petri high school by put up joint performances, painting, clay molding and aptitude competitions.
         Vietnamese artists’ 30 paintings were displayed at three differrent exhibitions in Malmo, Lund province and the capital Stockholm.
         The works, depicting Vietnamese landscapes as well as the landscapes and people of Sweden, demonstrated the children’s rich spiritual side and sharp creativity channeled through their remaining senses.
         “The Swedish children were awe-struck at seeing blind children paint pictures,” Pham Huu Quy, Nguyen Dinh Chieu’s principal, said. “They also thought highly of our school’s ability to teach blind students painting.”
         The visiting children were themselves most impressed with meeting Swedish Queen Silvia.
“It was like a dream to meet a queen in flesh and blood; I had only met them in fairy tales,” a girl confided.
         “Children are the country’s future; so it’s worthwhile to organize activities to help them develop their potential, especially those who are disabled but gifted,” CIVAB’s chairman, M.A. Zaman, said.

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