Watertech Establishes Joint Venture Company in Malaysia

The new company is based in Kuala Lumpur, but will be operating throughout Malaysia. Primarily working with distribution of tap water, which needs to be significantly improved. In Malaysia approximately 42 per cent of the tap water is lost of it’s way through the 100,000 kilometers of pipes in Malaysia. In Denmark less than 7 per cent is wasted.
The experience and expertise Watertech has gained working in Denmark will be very useful working in Malaysia and very much needed.
Malaysia is putting a lot of effort into reducing leaks, use of energy and improving the quality of the water and much more is to be done. For that reason The Malaysian government is budgetting equivalent of 35 billion Danish kroner within the next five years on improving the water supply.
Watertech also owns parts of VidaGis and Vidaneco in Vietnam and of Hydro Engineering in Thailand. Watertech is working with local companies in the Philippines and in China and plans to make joint venture companies in these countries within the next year.

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