Molnlycke Health Care expects more jump from Thai operation

Swedish producer of speciality healthcare products, Molnlycke Health Care AB, is proud of the performance of its Thai operation and expects to boost revenue to Bt3.3 billion this year.
     Headquarters in Goteborg, Sweden, Molnlycke Health Care is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of speciality healthcare products that serve developed markets, which are concerned about hygiene and infection. It markets single-use surgical gowns and other special drapes and sets for use in operating rooms under the brandnames Barrier and Klinidrape.
     Over the past 10 years, turnover at Molnlycke, which exports its products worldwide, has jumped by an average of 38 per cent a year. Last year, the turnover reached Bt2.7 billion, compared to Bt1.58 billion in 2001. The big jump in sales was due to the shift of production from Mexico to Thailand.
     “We are very proud of our operation in Thailand,” said Finn Johnsson, president of Molnlycke Health Care AB recently.
     “We have decided to use Thailand as the manufacturing base because the quality of the management is very good,” said Johnsson. “Besides, productivity is also very good, with high output per employee. Thailand is also located strategically between the United States and Europe.”
     Johnsson said that this year Molnlycke aims to increase revenue at its Thai operation to Bt3.3 billion.
     Molnlycke Health Care (Thailand) Ltd. has two factories, one in the Bangplee Industrial Estate, Samutprakan, and the other in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi. The Samutprakarn factory produces the Klinidrape surgical gowns and drapes, while the facilities in Chonburi turn out the Barrier surgical gowns.
     Molnlycke’s Thai operation now runs the world’s largest surgical gown factory. Together, the two factories employ 1,602 staff. This year, the number of employees will increase to 1,785.

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