Norway’s Diplomatic Corps to the Field in Vietnam

The representative had working sessions with the executives of the Primary Education for Disadvantaged Children (PEDC) on 31 October, project to discuss its progress, especially in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. This talk took place before their visit to the region.
         The diplomat continues sessions with the Dak Lak Protestant and Ban Me Thuot Catholic churches to study the working and living conditions of local religious followers.
         They visited the Hoang Dieu primary school in the Drao commune, Chu Ne village, Krong Buk district, where a project was funded by Norway.
         Vietnam has 1.2 million disabled children facing numerous difficulties in educational services, such as community integration and special education, and are in need of help.
         Board executives said that children in different regions suffered their own difficulties in approaching high quality education. Especially, those in northern mountainous communities had suffered the most.
         The project could help rebuild 60% of maker ship classrooms of primary schools in 220 districts of 40 poorest provinces.
         The delegation of ambassadors left Dak Lak province fro Gia Lai province late on November 03. They had visited dak Nong province earlier.

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