New Secretary at DABS

From November 1st Tine Falther is the new secretary of the Danish Business Association of Singapore. She will be working from her home, but she will also be doing work outside her home arranging events for the members of DABS.
   Tine Falther moved to Singapore this September with her family consisting of her mom, dad and her six year old daughter Josephine, but quite a few of the members of DABS already knows her, as she has lived in Singapore before. From 1997 to 2003 she worked in Singapore as a sales secretary and housing agent with relocation services and rental of property to expatriate families. In 2003 she went back to Denmark to work as a secretary to the board in a company within property investment and rental.
 Tine Falther would like to see DABS be more dynamic and that more people in their thirties will join DABS. She has ideas how to achieve just that.
  “I would like to make more activities that do not only focus on the members. I think we need to have activities that interests the members’ partners as well in order to get people in the thirties to join”, 39-year old Tine Falther says.
  According to Tine Falther one way of making younger people join DABS could be by arranging more sports.
  “DABS already arrange golf tournaments. If we arrange other kinds of sports as well, it might attract new members.”
  Tine Falther has more plans.
  “There are a lot of Danish companies in Singapore. When the top executives come down from Denmark I personally think that it would be great, if they could come by DABS and tell our members about the latest developments in Denmark,“ Tine Falther says.
  Tine Falther is replacing Herdis Pedersen as secretary of DABS.
Herdis Pedersen resigned her job at DABS to start studying at the Asia Civilization Museum in Singapore. This September she started on the six month long guide education.
  “I have always found history fascinating and have always red a lot about it. When I first got here two years ago I went to the museum, where another Dane, working as guide there, told me about the museum and showed me around. It was so great. I promised myself that if I were ever given the chance to go and study to be a guide myself, I would do it. Now the chance came and I am very pleased with it,” Herdis Pedersen says.
  The aim of the education is that the guides should be able to make guided tours of the eight galleries of the museum covering Southeast Asia, West Asia, South Asia and China and a lot for the new guides to learn.
  “Each of us focuses on one bit at a time, but we do need to learn it all to be able to guide to visitors of the museum. I really do find it interesting, especially learning more about places that I have been to, like Mumbai and New Delhi and the Taj Mahal in India. Having been there makes it so much more interesting for me and easier to relate to,” Herdis Pedersen says enthusiastically.
  While in Singapore Herdis Pedersen plans to use her education to do guided tours at the museum, but she also hopes to be able to use it in Denmark, when she one day returns to Denmark.
  “I would really like to do some teaching about the subjects that I study here and perhaps be a guide for a Danish travel agency arranging trips to the region,” Herdis Pedersen says.

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