Nordic Embassies Singapore to Join Nordic Visa Co-operation

The Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore will handle all the Schengen Visa applications on behalf of other Nordic countries due to the coming pilot project during 7 November 2005 – 31 March 2006.
Nordic countries are strengthening their co-operation in Schengen Visa matters. The countries have agreed to run the eight pilot projects where the Schengen Visa applications will be handled by one Nordic country.
Nordic Embassies in Singapore have been chosen to participate in this project. The aim is to find new co-operation areas within the Nordic countries. 
The Nordic Foreign Ministries have during their meetings in the spring of 2005 decided that they will run eight pilot projects concerning Nordic co-operation and representation within the Schengen visa system and the introduction of the new VIS system.
The pilot agreement is set to be in force by 1 November 2005 (effective from 7 November 2005) and should be reviewed by the Embassies in January 2006, by the Ministries in February 2006 with the view to have lasting agreements in place by March 2006.
Visitors applying for a visa to the Nordic countries will submit their applications directly to the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore
Generally, the visa application procedure with the ‘documents needed’ will principally remain the same.
Upon the termination of the project and the experiences gathered the decision will be made of the possible future of the visa arrangements within the Nordic countries.
Processing time varies. Visas which can be handled bona fide will be processed within maximum 3 working days. Visa applications which cannot be handled locally (some nationalities will have to be presented for one or more Schengen countries in an electronic consultation). These applications will normally be processed within 12 working days. In some rare cases, processing time will be longer.
The Danish Embassy is closed on Singapore holidays plus 24 and 31 December.


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