Even fat people can have a thin stomach!

It was early evening November 15 and already ‘chuckle-hungry’ Danes were arriving at Cafe Citron at the heart of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to exercise their laugh muscles and fraternise with other Danes. This beautiful downtown setting was the perfect place to meet and enjoy a sumptuous dinner before the show, an event organized by Scandinavian Society of Malaysia in association with the Royal Danish Embassy in KL. And it was a full house of 80 guests bubbling with anticipation ahead of the arrival of the Danish ‘laughter legend’.
        Amin Jensen has shed quite a few kilos lately and some Danes were afraid they might not recognize him. Others were just excited at the prospect of meeting this Danish phenomenon for the first time. And nobody there was disappointed. Slimmed down or not, Amin Jensen is still a big man…back in Denmark or anywhere else.
        But it is not the first time Amin Jensen has entertained overseas, he explained in a very brief interview after the show.
        “I have entertained in many places even here in South East Asia. I started in China around 10 years ago and my previous trip to that was to Thailand and to Laos last year. It was a great experience every time,” Jensen explains. “I might even use some material from this trip in a later show…,” he grinned.
        “On this trip, I went to Vietnam first and then did a short stint in Singapore before coming here to KL. Vietnam was for a holiday really and it is a very interesting country. The most astonishing experience I had there was the War Museum in Ho Chi Min City which was horrifying really, but it tells a story that must be told,” he says and shivers.
        “I won’t have time for much in KL as my 12-day trip ends here…only five hours for sightseeing,” he manages to say before a group of “youngsters” surround him to have their group photo taken.
        “Just call us the below 30’s.com,” they cry, still laughing after the show.
 Below are just some of the comments from the crowd after the show and everyone from the youngest to the oldest enjoyed the evening tremendously.
        “It was hilarious”…
        “I’m amazed that he has so much musical talent… guitar, harmonica, piano and even singing opera!”…
        “He still uses the same old “r๘v” joke he did in the 90’s when I first saw him at my gymnasium…but it’ still funny!”
        “Do the Robert de Niro face again!”
        “When he approached the youngest in the audience saying ‘Do you know the one about the two lesbian nuns’ I was sold!”
        “Must remember his comment that even fat people can have a thin stomach…might come in handy later!”
        The evening ended with everyone dancing to a live band and a fine time was had by all thanks to hardworking society members and due to generous financial support from a number of sponsors including SAS, Fibertex, Carlsberg, Novozymes, Arla, Dumex, Renaissance Hotel KL and the Royal Danish Embassy.
        The greatest thanks of course goes to the big man himself (thin stomach or not)!

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