A Growing Viking Creates Jobs in Thailand

Since its opening just 4 years ago, Viking Life-Saving Equipment’s factory in Thailand has boosted its work force from 100 employees to 400. With this rapid development, the Danish company now has more people employed outside of Denmark than the amount of people who work at the headquarters in the Danish cities of Esbjerg and Bramming. In fact, only 35-40 pct of the overall work force is now based on Danish soil. Although the company also has production facilities based in Norway, Thailand is playing a more and more crucial role in the efforts to remain one of the world’s leading producers of maritime life-saving equipment.
“In reality, we can now produce our entire selection of products in Thailand, but it is mainly standard products and large serial quantities that we place there. The speciality products and products with a quick delivery and adjustment need, we make in Denmark. In the future, more of the products that are now being produced in Denmark will be produced in Thailand instead, but our growth will continue to move towards speciality products that will mostly be produced in Denmark,” Administrative Director Kjeld Amann told the Danish business paper, Erhvervsbladet, this week.

The management in Viking Life-Saving Equipment discerns on an on-going basis how to spread out their production between the facilities in Esbjerg, Bramming, Norway, and Thailand. To reduce the risk of vulnerability, Viking does not wish to place too much production at one place. However, the lucrative growth of the production plant in Thailand is expected to continue for yet a while longer.

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