Dane Beaten to Death by Thai Neighbours

A dispute over parking cost a 54 year-old Dane his life Tuesday evening at around 6pm (local time). The drama unfolded in the Thai vacation area of Cha-Am, when the Danish man arrived at his home. He parked his car in a way that apparently provoked the local neighbours to such a degree that they attacked the Dane with iron bars and kept beating on him until he was dead.

The Danish daily, BT, has retained information about the incident from a Swedish man, who has been a friend of the Danish victim for several years. Last night, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that a Dane was killed in Thailand, but they do not wish to give away any more details until the relatives of the 54 year-old Danish man have been notified. The man had been living in Thailand for the last 6-7 years, where he has made a living by selling souvenirs in Cha-Am with his Thai girl friend.

According to his Swedish friend, the Danish man had been involved in an on-going strife with his neighbours. He had complained that they partied too much and played music too loud at night. He lived just 100 meters away from the beautiful beach in the otherwise peaceful Cha-Am, which is situated in the western part of the Siam Bay, three hours south of Bangkok.

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