Danish Dentists on a Humanitarian Mission in Cebu City

It’s the Danish humanitarian organization, Tandsundhed Uden Grænser (TUG) – translated Dental Health Without Borders – that has sent out the team consisting of a handful of Danish dentists and dental assistants. The organization is a based on voluntary involvement from some of the best dentists in Denmark, and its purpose is to enhance the dental health in developing countries.

Among the professionals on this TUG team are John Christensen, Inger Manon, Ulrik Nørregård, Maiken Mansfeld, and Karen Arvedsen. The team will spend most of January in the Philippines, mainly working on schools in Cebu City, however also attending to adults with dental problems.

On its website, TUG informs that they intend to send out yet another team to the Philippines this coming summer, and once again the destination will be Cebu City. This project will be carried out in weeks 27 and 28, as well as 30 and 31.

The organization has not yet decided whether or not to also send a team to Vietnam this summer, as they have done last year, however TUG informs that in case the visit does happen, it will be with a team of five professionals who are mainly to further develop the organization’s network in that area.

For more information, you can visit www.tug-dk.org

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