Jysk Travel Builds Up Individual Travel Business in South East Asia

Individual tourism to Thailand and South East Asia does not suffer from increasing oil prices, Tsunami, earthquakes and hurricanes.
Jacob Bojsen, the new regional manager for Jysk Travel Company in Bangkok tells of an increasing number of Danish individual travellers in the region.
“We are doing well and the number of customers is increasing”, says Jacob.
Jysk Travel Company is the biggest organizer of individual tours to Thailand for Danes. As a consequence of their success they decided to establish a new manager totake reponsibility as regional boss for their five service centers in the region. Based in Bangkok in The New Road Guest House, Jacob is responsible for similar offices in Hanoi, Delhi, Kathmandu and Bali.
“The commission on air tickets is so low, that the competition between the travel agencies will be based on the level of service not the price,” explains Jacob.
“We are very happy with our customers, who show great enthusiasm for travelling on their own. Our task is to give advice and support if necessary”, says Jacob.
To do this Jysk Travel Company always has people on the move to explore the countries and finding new spots, guest houses and experiences.
Jacob Bojsen is 27 years old. An adventurer, single, with a basic HHX education from Frederikshavn Commercial College in northern Denmark.
He is a skiing instructor and plays golf and squash, dives and as he says:
“I do whatever gives me a kick”.
Travelling is but the big interest and Jacob has already traveled to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Nepal, Indonesia, USA, Island, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Kenya and Uganda.
This depth of experience helped land him the job as head of Jysk Travel Company’s office in Aalborg in Denmark and now the regional manager job in Bangkok.
The reason Jacob is now based in Bangkok is that Thailand still is the biggest target for the company’s customers and the service center at New Road Guest house in Bangkok is the biggest of the five offices in South East Asia.
Jysk Travel Company right now runs big cinema advertisements in Denmark produced by MR Production and all made in Thailand.

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