Tarja Halonen Wins Second Term As Finnish President

Social Democratic Party and Left Alliance candidate Tarja Halonen, Finland’s first female president, has been re-elected for a second six-year term as President of Finland.
         Moderate rightist opponent Sauli Niinistö from the National coalition performed better on the official voting day, but Halonen got more votes in the advance voting.
         With all votes counted, the final result was 51.8% of the votes to Halonen and 48.2% to Niinistö. The amount of votes for Halonen was 1,630,833 and for Niinistö 1,517,947. The voter turnout was 77.2%, which is about 3% less than on the second round six years ago.
         Tarja Halonen will be sworn for her second term on March 1, 2006.




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