45 Nordic Skydivers Join World Record Jump Attempt Over Thailand

Some time next week the world will see the largest freefall formation ever become a reality featuring no less than 400 skydivers freefalling to the ground below them in Thailand. Among them and forming one of the ten ‘sectors’ that will make up the record formation over the skies of Udon Thani, are 45 skydivers from the Nordic countries.
       Together with the other 405 skydivers from all over the world, they form the World Team 2006. Participants from 31 countries will take part in the event.
       “We are 16 from Sweden,” Swedish Team captain Sven Mörtberg told Scandasia.” Half of them took part last time in Thailand, 2004, and the others are new to the team, but not to the sport.”
       The World Team will stay in Udon Thani until 9 February. Then they travel to Bangkok where the largest ever mass freefall jump is scheduled for 11 February over Suvarnaphumi Airport. This year’s event, the third in Thailand, is held in honour of HM King Bhumibol’s 60th year on the Thai throne.  The jumpers are due to fly in five RTAF C130 Hercules aircraft in formation when they make the record attempts.

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