Hanoi Workshop Plans Cleaner Production Methods With Swedish Help

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) funded a 2.1 million USD project called Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction from Industry in Asia and the Pacific (GERIAP), the principles of which were under discussion at a workshop focussing on cleaner production methods.

The project was jointly implemented by the United Nations Environment Programme and Viet Nam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC).

The five-year project, which will wrap up this June, aims to encourage selected industry enterprises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs by improving energy efficiency and also to provide training for companies in energy efficiency methodology and case studies, barriers and action plans.

“Positive experiences from these selected enterprises will be multiplied widely as others follow suit and start to apply similar technology in their production,” said Sophie Punte, GERIAP project coordinator.

The project includes nine Asian countries; Viet Nam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, China, India, Mongolia, and Sri Lanka.

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