SAS, Swiss Air Team Up On Bangkok-Singapore Route

As of April 1st, SAS passengers will no longer be able to stay on the same aircraft when going from Copenhagen to Singapore (or vice-versa). But just a week after SAS announced its plans to stop flying passengers between Bangkok and Singapore, the airline has signed an agreement with Swiss Air, which will enable SAS’ passengers to fly on that same route in the future. When SAS stops its flights to and from Singapore at the end of this month, Swiss will take the SAS passengers the rest of the way.

Six times a week SAS flies from Copenhagen to Bangkok, then on to Singapore, back to Bangkok and then home to Copenhagen. Only the flight to and from Singapore will cease to exist while the other frequencies will remain. It has not yet been reported whether or not the SAS aircraft will remain parked all day at the airport in Bangkok, which could be really expensive for SAS. Airline news agencies such as Take Off suggests that SAS will be using the expensive “parking time” to do technical service checks of their aircraft.

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