EU To Tax Chinese, Vietnamese Leather Shoes

The European Commission has adopted proposals by the European Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson to impose a provisional anti-dumping duty on leather shoes from China and Vietnam.
The anti-dumping tax was adopted after a preliminary investigation identified clear evidence of disguised subsidies and unfair state intervention in the leather footwear sectors in China and Vietnam.
At the press conference, where the decision was announced, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, said:
     “These anti-dumping measures will correct the injury caused to European leather shoe producers. It is important that we act against unfair trade while encouraging legitimate and competitive trade from emerging economies. We do not target China and Vietnam’s natural competitive advantages, only unfair distortions of trade.”
The duty will be imposed progressively over five months beginning April 7th. The duty will rise to 16.8 percent on Vietnamese shoes and 19.4 percent on Chinese shoes.
The leather shoe duties met heavy resistance from the Nordic countries, including Denmark where the Deputy PM in March voiced his concern over the anti-dumping measures, specifically against Vietnam.
“Anti-dumping measures by European Union against shoe products from Vietnam will have a very negative effect. It will harm European consumers as well as the more advanced producers. In the end, the cost will be paid by the consumers,” says Bendtsen.
The Deputy Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Vietnam April 23-28 April heading a major Danish business delegation.
For full details on the Commission’s anti-dumping measures on leather shoes from China and Vietnam please visit:


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