Swedish Tour Operator Reinstates Khao Lak In Catalogue

Fritidsresor, a major tour operator in Sweden has brought back the Thai resort region of Khao Lak, Phang Nga province and listed the destination in its fall 2006 catalogue.
From November, Swedish travelers may chose between the Merlin Khao Lak, Bhang Sak and Seaview hotels in Khao Lak.
“We have received many spontaneous email and ‘phone calls from customers who want to return to Khao Lak. We have also conferred with organizations that cater to relatives of tsunami victims who welcome this move,” says Ms. Lottie Knutson, Fritidsresor communications director.
“Khao Lak is green again. The beaches are as beautiful as before the wave came and the locals welcome us with open arms,” adds Ms Knutson.
Fritidsresor’s prime Khao Lak hotel, Blue Village, was virtually flattened by the powerful December 26, 2004 tsunami and many guests there perished. Most Swedish tsunami victims died in Phang Nga province.
But help and assistance given by Thai locals during the disaster created strong emotional bonds between Swedes and Thais and many survivors early on expressed a desire to return to Khao Lak whenever possible.
Fritidsresor increased its Thai tours by 5000 trips this year, with Phuket as the major destination for the upcoming season.

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