Mastermind Of Danish Fraud Now ‘Underground’ In Indonesia

The alleged mastermind of several serious fraud cases, which together amount to hundreds of millions of Danish Kroner (DKK) is apparently now hiding in an unknown location in Indonesia. For months, the Danish Fraud Squad has been searching in earnest for Greek businessman Christos Vassilios Likouras who they say is behind two large bankruptcies with combined losses of more than DKK 120 million.
Likouras was a director of the trading company Danish Bamboo ApS which went bankrupt in 2004 with debts of approximately DKK 80 million from importing furniture and incandescent lamps. In addition, Likouras allegedly played a leading role in one of Denmark’s biggest cases concerning copy-fraud and has been charged as one of the kingpins in a series of imports of no less than 17 tons of Global-knives, 5000 fake PH-lamps and several million cigarettes.
If convicted, the runaway Greek could face several years in prison.

A Grotesque Case

At the moment the Fraud Squad has no idea of the whereabouts of Likouras and has thus been unable to announce the indictment in his presence (as is required). Meanwhile, the case has been further complicated by the fact that his attorneys, who are now trying to clean up after Likouras’ collapsed businesses, have actually been in contact with him.
These attorneys apparently have managed to get a witness testimony out of the disappeared Greek businessman in connection with a so-called reversed trial, which the insolvent estate left by Likouras’ bankrupt import business Danish Bamboo is invoking against a former supplier.
“During the treatment of this case in the National Court the following written statement has been collected…from Christos Likouras, now resident in Indonesia,” it was announced in the verdict, which was declared last week in the Eastern National Court (Østre Landsret).

Answered Questions

The wanted Greek businessman was asked 10 questions, but only answered nine via email. However, it has not been possible for Danish Police to trace Likouras through the used email address, since he “borrowed” it for the occasion. Thus, the Danish Fraud Squad remains without any helpful leads as to where to find the accused swindler, who is also wanted by Interpol.
“We have heard that he is residing in Indonesia and it is not the first time that lawyers or defense attorneys have been known to maintain a connection with a client who is wanted by the police. I have never heard of attorneys who have freely handed over a wanted individual to the authorities. That is not their job. It is our job to find him,” says Jorn Gravesen, who is Chief Investigator and Crime Inspector at the Fraud Squad, to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on Monday.

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