Flying Around The World To Make It Listen

Together with his two friends Henrik Ejderholm and Martin Håkansson, Johan Hammarstrom, is well on his way to becoming the first pilot with a severe hearing impairment to complete a world circumnavigation in a light aircraft. The reason: Johan Hammarstrom and his friends are currently embarked on a spectacular voyage they call World Flight for Hearing (WFH).
The founder of the project Johan Hammarström, 28, has despite being hearing impaired, managed to become an experienced pilot and the WFH is his realization of a life-long dream.

On March 15, the Worldflyer, a four-seater twin engine Diamond DA42 Twin Star, took off from Stockholm for an Eastbound global flight that was to take it to 50 cities and almost as many countries in less than six months.
Last week the Swedish travellers left Thailand and headed for Vietnam where they touched down in HCM City on April 26. During their four day stay in the city the Swedes will visit some schools for children with hearing disabilities.
After HCM City, the two men will fly to Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia and conclude their five-month-two-week trip by the end of August.

Buying the way
World Flight for Hearing initiated to draw attention to hearing impairment and to the technical aids that are available to assist hard of hearing people.
The project is sponsored by GN ReSound, one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids, who has putt US$ 250,000 in the project.
The main objective of the project is to draw attention to and spread information about hearing impairment.
It is also possible to support the project as a private person or company as the three pilots are selling their 34000 mile route. Through a program called World Flight for Hearing Miles Owner it is possible to buy the miles flown. The contribution made can be from EUR 30 for 10 miles and higher.
The funds received through the Miles Owners program is used for making the expedition a reality and also for supporting a charity program.

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