Ice Hockey Goalie Sunisa Rookie Of The Year

     It is only one year ago since Thailand-born Sunisa Daennabua saw her first ice hockey game. This April the now thirteen-year-old Sunisa was awarded the ‘silver puck’ trophy by Jämtland/Härjedalen County Ice Hockey Association for being this season’s best player there.
     And it all began when her dad brought her to an ice hockey rink last year.
     “I told dad, I want to play too, get me some skates and gear. He told me, “sure you should try but he never thought I’d even be able to stand on ice skates. Anyway he borrowed skates and equipment for me,” says Sunisa to Lokaltidningen in Strömsund where her team IFK Strömsund plays with Sunisa as goal keeper in the junior team.
     Besides getting the prestigious award, Sunisa and teammates Agnes Karlsson and Elin Forsberg, both defenders, made it to the county’s all star team 2006.


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