Waste Handling Opportunities Increase In Malaysia

Following a heated debate in the media about environmental and health problems caused by open landfills near drinking water reservoirs, the Malaysian government has decided to immediately shut down and seal 16 landfills.
The discussion in the media was started by complaints from consumers about smelly drinking water.
      Moreover, 33 already shut down landfills are to be sealed again as they were not closed down properly the first time around, the Danish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur says.
The Malaysian government’s plan is to shut down all open landfills in the country and the Dansih embassy expects the government to decide which waste handling system the country is to use within the next two months.
As Malaysia deals with rising levels of waste, the embassy sees opportunities in the country for Danish companies dealing with waste handling.
Malaysia produces 18,000 tonnes of waste every day and the country uses USD 236 million to clean waste up every year.

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