Viking Veterans Win Third Championship In a Row

Viking Veterans won the Veteran’s Cup in Bangkok for the third time in a row at Patana on May 7.
They beat the Winking Frogs team in the final 3-0, making them the first team in soccer history of the Cup to win three times in a row.
The match was played at Patana with where there is a larger pitch, full size goals and excellent turf as well as a cafeteria.
The end-of-season Viking’s party 2006 was postponed from May 13 to May 27 and at the party, there will be awards made to outstanding players of 2005/2006 in the following categories:
MVP 2005/2006 – The most valuable player of the team this season.
Fighter of the Year 2005/2006 – The player that has shown the most commitment.
Rookie of the year 2005-2006 – Best new player of 2005-2006.
Biggest Vikings embarrassment 2005/2006.

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