Help For Malaysian Kids Goes Online

Borneo Child Aid Society runs education project for over 3000 underprivileged children in remote Areas of Sabah, Malaysia.
Numerous children in the Malaysian state Sabah on Borneo live in plantations and other remote areas far away from government schools. Most of these children are without access to basic education during their entire childhood because of distance, poverty or legal status.
This is something the Borneo Child Aid Society is out to change. The society aims to give these children a good chance in life, and now almost 3000 of these children now get their basic education in our learning centres.
Borneo Child Aid Society is run independently by a local committee, headed by the director Mr. Peter Mathisen from Denmark.
Presently it is running over 50 Learning Centres for more than 3000 children of plantation workers and other underprivileged children. Children that would otherwise be deprived of education.
Borneo Child Aid Society was formed in 1991 with an initial sponsorship of a Holland based NGO, Humana Holland, but is now operating as a local Malaysian NGO, without ties to Humana Holland or other international organisations.
The Society depends solely on sponsorships companies, private persons and other donors, who want to take part in providing a better future for these children.
For more information or donation information check out their new webpage:


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