Sweden Continues To Support Peace In Aceh

The Government of Sweden has decided to extend the assignment for six Swedish Sida observers who are part of the civilian EU Aceh Monitoring Mission, which monitors the peace agreement in Aceh Province in Indonesia. The Government also decided to extend the assignment of ten or so logistics personnel from the Swedish Rescue Services Agency responsible for logistics and communications support for the mission.
Sweden’s contribution to the mission, which is channeled via Sida and the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, has a total value of SEK 57 million. Sweden has also recently provided a judge within the framework of the mission who is to determine whether a number of imprisoned GAM members are to be granted amnesty.
On 15 August 2005, a peace agreement was signed between the government of Indonesia and leaders of the Movement for a Free Aceh (GAM). At the request of the Indonesian Government and GAM, the EU, together with five ASEAN countries, undertook to monitor the agreement. The original mandate for the mission has previously been extended to 15 June, but since it is not expected that local elections in Aceh can be held until August, the mission has been extended until 15 September.

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