Drinks Are No Longer Free on Economy Class

When you travel from Denmark to Thailand, Indonesia or any other long distance flight with SAS the drinks are free. After the 1st of October this will change, but only for economy class passengers.
From this date a small bottle of vine, a beer or a cocktail is charged with 30 DKK, the flight magazine “Take Off” writes.
If you travel on “business class”, or “economy flex” aka. “Business-class-light” the alcohol will still be included in the ticket price.
But SAS will not leave the economy class passengers with out cash thirsty, as they are still offered an alcoholic drink to the main meal.

1.2 million drinks
SAS has since autumn 2004 charged passengers for drinks and food on their European tourist class flights, and looking at the numbers there is a lot of money to be found.
SAS has 1.2 million long distance passengers a year – if each on buys just one drink per flight, it adds up to 36 million DKK.
When the alcohol charge goes live there is a way for the prise-conscious passenger to cut costs. The drinks charge is 30 – and it doesn’t matter whether you pay in Danish Kroner, Swedish or Norwegian ditto.
As one Swedish Krone can be brought for roughly 0.80 Danish, paying in Swedish Kroner could make life a bit cheaper for thirsty economy class passengers.

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