Danish Jazz on The Beaches Of Hua Hin

During the first weekend of June the moonlit white sanded beaches in Hua Hin hosted a great display of jazz.
Two big stages placed with a few hundred metres of beach-sand separating them were visited by numerous jazz bands from all corners of the world from the 2nd to the 4th of June.
Denmark was very well represented during the three day festival, as Danish jazz-artists popped up on the Hua Hin program no less then five times during the weekend.
Thousands of people visited the jazz festival beach during the weekend and the fact that the festival had no entry fee surely lured even more jazz lovers to Hua Hin beaches.

Danish Action
During the first day of the festival a single Danish band entered the stage, namely the Ben Besiakov Trio, who closed the Sofitel Beachfront Stage on the first day.
The other stage, Hilton Beachfront, was closed by Cuban Lazaro Valdes, who dressed on red robes provided a speedy round of piano and drub based latino-jazz.
The second festival day, June 3rd, provided a nice display of Danish jazz, as four Danish bands took the stage. Namely Ibrahim Electric, Michael Blake and Mikkel Nordso with band.
Ibrahim Electric, who played prime time at the large Sofitel Beachfront Stage, gave the audience an energetic round of improvised jazz.
Maybe due to the large amount of Heineken flowing amongst the audience – (60 bath for 0.5 litre the pricing didn’t stop the flow) Ibrahim Electric managed to get the mainly sitting listeners going with their catchy guitar and organ lead tunes.
Ibrahim Electric guitarist, Niclas Knudsen, even managed to pick up a few Thai phrases during the evening enabling him to draw an extra applause from the audience.

The last Danish apperaence featured on the festival was Malene Mortensen together with the Jonas Johansen Trio.
The two closed of the Hilton Beachfront Stage on the final day of the jazzy 2006 version of the Hua Hin festival.

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