Swedish Royalty Attend Tsunami Exhibit

The royal Swedish couple is currently visiting Phuket on a six-day unofficial visit – even as the couple took time out to celebrating their 30th wedding day on June 19, it was straight back to business the day after, when King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were to visit a Tsunami exhibition on a local school (Satree Phuket School).
At the school the King and Queen were greeted by teachers and students and given a tour of the facilities. Later students proudly showed off their tsunami memorial.
During the visit, King Gustaf out grants to five students, who were affected by the natural disaster on Boxing Day 2004.
They were also shown a new information center – used as a learning resource for tsunami disasters. The facility also holds records of the work done by teachers and students, who worked as interpreters for foreign victims and their families during the disaster.
Finishing the visit the royal couple was presented with a pearl necklace and shell painting to mark their 30th wedding anniversary the day before.

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