Danish Company Adds Flavour to Asian Sports-Drinks

In order to appeal to the beverage producers in Asia the Danish ingredients company has added new flavour profiles to its water-soluble range, for instance “more citrus” grapefruit profile.
This process, developed by Danisco’s flavour centre in Singapore, allows manufacturers to avoid visible separation problems.
The new line is also offers: lemon lime, orange and lemon variants of the range, which uses special processing technology to remove the essential oils from citrus fruits and make water-soluble flavours.
“Sports drinks are on the rise, particularly in south-east Asia where we have had increasing enquiries,” said Irene Tan from the firm’s flavours division in Singapore.
The firm says its concepts will meet consumer demands for healthy and convenient beverages with “a premium image at no extra price”.

One for men – another for women
The product concepts target men and women separately, and include antioxidants to help beat physical stress.
The sports drinks for men are sweetened with natural sugar and fructose for a rapid energy boost said to also help rehydration after exercise. For women, Danisco has come up with a light beverage range, fortified with vitamins and minerals and sweetened with a blend of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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