Vietnam Needs To Promote Democracy

The meeting recently held in Hanoi was the last of its kind being held under the Project – “Assistance to the 20 Year Review of Doi Moi in Vietnam” using funds from UNDP and Sweden.
DOI MOI was launched by the Vietnam Communist Party in 1986 and has brought about a well-known turn-around in agricultural production, gained successes in reducing hyper-inflation and food shortages to ensure price stability, raising rural incomes and helping the nation to become one of the top global rice exporters. The process also helped achieve a growth in exports and a reduction in hunger and poverty across the country.
The Ambassador of Sweden in Vietnam, Mrs Anna Lindstedt stressed in her welcoming remark at the high-level roundtable meeting that “in order to sustain the process of reform, Vietnam needs to fight corruption and promote democracy and a well-informed public debate based on free and independent media and sustainable use of the environment.”
She also called for the continuation of poverty alleviation, which is more difficult in the future as poverty is not just a lack of material resources, but also a lack of power, choice and security.

A tremendous step forward
Looking at the 20 years of reforms the ambassador saw progress.
“When Doi Moi was introduced, it represented a tremendous step forward. Some would argue that reforms could have been more far-reaching and more determined, but it is a fact that the renovation has led to a booming economy and unique levels of poverty reduction – as well as deep social and political changes,” she said.
“I will be leaving Vietnam soon, after completing my tour of duty here. During my three years in Vietnam, the country has continued moving forward. I strongly believe in Vietnam. There are, however, important challenges ahead. I hope that the discussions during these days will prove useful and provide additional input into future policy choices. The decision about what path to follow then lies with the Vietnamese people,” the Swedish ambassador finished her speech.

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