Taking Advantage Of The Malaysian Sun

Malaysia gets more sunlight than many other countries in the world, while many would complain about the heat and run for shade, two companies see an opportunity in staying out in the sun.
Denmark Solar Industry (DSI) is working together Malaysia’s SOLARin Holdings to start production of solar-powered products in Malaysia.
Danish DSI, a specialist solar system producer headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a family-based business venture of Datuk Naser Ismail, who is also the executive chairman of the Malaysian arm SOLARin.

From expensive to affordable
Solar-powered products have so far been expensive, as they are made in developed countries, where the cost of production is high. This is something the two companies are about to change.
“With SOLARin producing in Malaysia, the cost of such products should become more affordable and therefore gain wider acceptance,” Naser said.
“With the finding of very high quality of raw materials (silica) in Terengganu and the fact that Malaysia has more sun than any other parts of the world, we decided to also establish a manufacturing plant here,” said Naser.

The Solar Valley
In order to start out production the two companies are looking to establish what they call “Solar Valley” in Malaysia.
The project, taking up 32 ha. of land, is expected to be completed by May next year. The “valley” has an initial cost of RM 1 billion and is the goal is to make products for the growing demand globally.
“The plant in Malaysia will produce products for DSI. It will be very cost-effective for us,” said Naser.
DSI also has plants in Sweden, Sudan, Jamaica, Germany, Jordan, South Africa and Bangladesh.
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