Drinking And Painting To Fight Slavery In Cambodia

This year the huge Danish rock-festival, Roskilde Festival, supports humanitarian projects in Cambodia.
The 2006 edition of the festival is the fifth time that the organizers cooperate with the Danish NGO DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp) in order to channel money collected from refund bottles to humanitarian aid.
The guests visiting the festival, which ended on July 2nd, are known to consume quite extraordinary amounts of alcohol, and most is poured from bottles that can be traded for a refund fee. With the help of 700 volunteers DanCurchAid have been collecting the refundable bottles, in order to channel the money to Cambodia to aid the fight against modern slavery.

Bottom’s up for Cambodia
Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries and a great part the children in the country are unable to get an education. This results in them ending as modern slaves in from of prostitutes, beggars, or they are forced to sort garbage in land fills – they have no alternative if they want to survive.
The money collected at the Roskilde Festival is used to provide education for the children in order to put them to a trade as for instance cooks, mechanics or electricians.
The festival guests have aided the collection with overwhelming enthusiasm. One camp of more or less intoxicated guests made sure to put in their contribution, as they each time the volunteer collectors passed shouted: “Bottom’s up for Cambodia” and emptied their bottles.
The festival ended on Sunday the 2nd of July, but DanCurchAid are still counting the money collected. They hope to be able to send DKK 500.000 to Cambodia, and with half of the amount collected during the first part of the festival, it looks as if they will reach their goal.

Painting for Cambodia
Even though the festival has ended it is not too late to contribute to the collection.
”Buy a painting and support the fight against slavery” a topic on the festival homepage says in these days.
During the last days of the festival four Danish artists worked on a “paint-log” gathering all their impressions from the festival. Their work is now done, and the result, a 1.7 X 10 meter large painting is up for sale. The money from the sale is send uncut to DanChurchAid.
The artists behind the log are Ulrik Schiødt, Lizette Bryrup, Jan Danebod and Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen.
The auction ends on July the 17th, and so far the min bid is DKK 2500.

To bid on the painting go to:

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