Ericsson To Expand Viettel’s GSM Network In Vietnam

Ericsson announced the signing of the contract with Viettel, the fastest growing mobile network operator in Vietnam in a press release on July 5th.
Under the contract, Ericsson will provide Viettel with new core network nodes, radio base stations, and microwave transmission equipment. It also includes upgrades and expansions of functionality in the service layer such as charging and voicemail, as well as project management, integration and implementation services.
“We are honoured to be chosen for this comprehensive network expansion and we are fully committed to supporting Viettel in growing its market share,” Jan Signell, President of Ericsson South East Asia, said.
“This contract will further enhance the cooperation between Ericsson and Viettel and strengthening Ericsson’s position as the leading provider of mobile systems in Vietnam,” the Ericsson president added.

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