Help Improve the Experience of Being an Expatriate

ScandAsia has joined a research project to help improve the experience of being an expatriate.
The research project is set up by Saira Jhutty, a PhD Candidate at Alliant International University in San Diego, California. Her aim is to determine if emotional intelligence plays a role in the adjustment process all expatriates go through.
“When arriving to a new place, many expats are excited but, after a while, the excitement disappears and frustration and anger and sometimes depression result,” says Saira Jhutty. Some give up and go home – some stay where they are and are miserable, she adds. 
ScandAsia readers can take part in the research study by following the link below and spend about 20 minutes of their time to fill out the questionaire. Most ScandAsia readers qualify on the only two conditions for taking part:
“To qualify as a respondent, you have to be sent outside of your home country to complete an assignment that is at least nine months long and you must currently be living and working outside of your home country for at least three months,” Saira Jhutty says.
“I am trying to see if the ability to handle, understand and manage emotions assists in adjustment. If emotional intelligence does play a role in adjustment, then a simple workshop or easy to read articles could make the expat adjustment period a lot easier and faster.”
“Being competent in your job, knowing the do’s and don’ts of a new culture are obviously important but, I feel that a component that has been overlooked is the expats emotional reaction to the new surroundings. They are defintely going through emotional ups and downs and it is very important for them to understand and manage their emotions,” Saira explains.
Saira Jhutty has agreed that the findings of the survey will be shared with all readers. To help make the material as representative and comprehensive as possible, ScandAsia wish to encourage as many members as possible to take theior time to fill out the questionaire.

The link below will take you to the study and a more detailed description of its components. Thanks very much in advance for your helpful participation!

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