Copenhagen Embassy Bugged?

The Indonesian embassy in Copenhagen has been wiretapped by Danish authorities for years. Such are the claims from a member of Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission on foreign affairs and defense, Mr. Djoko Susilo. In an article in today’s edition of the Jakarta Post, Mr. Susilo claims that the telephone lines of Indonesian embassies in seven different countries – including the one in Copenhagen – have been bugged by their host nations and that the alleged wiretapping was revealed during a session with the State Code Agency.
     Besides Denmark, Mr. Susilo’s claims involve the Indonesian embassies in Finland, Norway, South Korea, Japan, China, and Myanmar.
     “The wiretapping was discovered in a regular survey during the 2005-2006 period,” he tells the Jakarta Post.
     He adds that the bugging in the Scandinavian countries could have something to do with the Helsinki peace accord signed by the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement in August of last year. Furthermore, Mr. Susilo suggests that the Foreign Ministry should quickly write to host countries of the embassies to express its concern over the alleged violations.
     At the Indonesian embassy in Copenhagen, Director of Information and Culture Mr. Kuncoro Waseso has told the Danish news agency Ritzau that an investigation was carried out earlier this year to find out if the embassy was being bugged.
     “I don’t think it is being bugged. But we haven’t been informed of the results. We are just users here,” he says.

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