Finland, Norway And Sweden To Attend World Peace Forum In Jakarta

Political and religious representatives, as well as intellectuals from Finland, Norway and Sweden will participate in an international forum “World Peace Forum” in Jakarta, Indonesia from August 14-16, 2006.
The forum, organized by the Islamic non-political organization Muhammadiyah and the Multi-culture Society, is expected to attend by over 50 religious and political figures from 28 different countries.
“The cases of injustice will be discussed at the meeting cover a very large scope such as backwardness, suppression and poverty among community groups in various aspect of life,” Muhammadiyah Chairman Din Syamsudin told the press, according to Indonesian National News Agency Antara News.
“The conference will thrash out global injustice, not to adopt a resolution to wars between countries, but urge the United Nations to seek a resolution to conflicts,” Syamsudin disclosed.
A declaration is to be issued by the forum consists of a message and moral impetus containing comprehensive studies and discourses on the roots of problems of various dimensions. The discourses are expected to give particular perspective to those experiencing an injustice and foster efforts to eliminate the unfairness.
Indonesia will be represented in the forum by 150 political and religious figures, including former presidents Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Sukarnoputeri, former House speaker Akbar Tanjung and Catholic leader Yulius Cardinal Dharmaatmaja.

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