Danish massage in Jomtien

Greeted with a “Hej” and a big smile Pranee and her husband Thomas Nielsen welcomes.
The couple, and their daughter Trine who is eight years old, have lived on and off in Denmark until they finally decided to move and stay in Thailand last year. “The yellow house” opened more than a year ago and now gives work to five masseuses who have been taught the danish-oil massage Pranee can claim fame for.  
Pranee has learnt the art at the famous Wat Po massage school and has great experience from Gladsaxe in Denmark where she has sorted out muscles for hundreds of danes.  “The danish people normally want a very deep and thorough muscle massage. Thats my speciality” Pranee explains.  
Another speciality is the language. “Customers like that I speak danish. Actually some people walk away if I am not here.
Furthermore its an advantage to speak danish because its easier to expain in your native language exactly how you want the massage” Pranee says.
One thing Pranee doesnt understand is that the absolute majority of customers are men. Even though lots of tourists in Jomtien are couples and families only men seem to find their way to “The yellow house”.
Its long working hours for Pranees ten strong fingers. “The yellow house” is open 7 days a week from 10 morning to midnight. Females are welcome.

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