James Christensen’s sister grateful for local support

Still recovering from the fact that James Christensen got sentenced ten years in jail, his sister Eva Behring in Denmark has regained her hopes as support for James Christensens case starts pouring in.
     “I cant describe how grateful I am. It really gives me a warm feeling of not being alone with all this. I’m sure that James will be happy just to know that so many people think of him,” says Eva Behring from her home in Denmark.
      By initiative of Gregers Moller, publisher of ScandAsia, a campaign to collect money has been organized aiming at bailing out James Christensen. Estimated amount nessecary will probably be 500.000 Baht which will secure James Christensens freedom till the case will be tried in the higher court.
     “The local support is so important because it can help change the case. Getting James out as soon as possible is vital and it should also be considered to get James a new lawyer. Im sure that the more focus on this case there is, the better the chances” says Eva Behring.
     The campaigh started Thursday afternoon. Friday by noon, the total amount pledged to support bailing out the Dane had already reached the 100.000 bath mark.
     On Scandmail, the webboard and email group that Gregers Moller used to send out his appeal for the Scandinavians in South East Asia, a lively discussion has taken place and comments have been posted.
     To read the latest discussion on the subject, click here:
     James Christensen was Tuesday found guilty of attempted arson against his Thai neighbor last year in southern Thailand and sentenced 15 years in prison. In the same verdict, he was pardonned the last five years of the sentence meaning James will have to spend ten years in prison.
     The judge based his verdict on the fact that James had “admitted” that the gas tanks found at the neighbors farm, where a small fire had taken place, “could possibly be his” although he denied ever having carried them over there or intended to burn down the neighbor’s farm. He had put them in front of his house because they were empty.
     The Royal Danish Embassy has since the shocking verdict been trying to obtain a transcript of the verdict and proceedings from the court in Langsuan. This is a precondition for any lawyer to take the case to appeal James’ case. And only once the case has been appealed will it be possible to apply the court for release on bail. Late Friday, the court had not yet produced the requested documents.
     “This leaves the coming week to raise the still missing 400.000 baht,” says Gregers Moller.
     “ScandAsia readers outside Thailand are welcome to help in reaching the mark!” he adds.


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